What should you pay attention to when booking a photo booth?

The protagonists of the wedding are always the two people who say yes, but the guests should not be forgotten either. Are you looking for a perfect gift to surprise them with? If you want to be sure, we take care of capturing funny and unforgettable moments with our Exclusive Selfie Mirror. So, the selfie machine is the solution!

Photo booths have become increasingly popular recently. This is great because you have several options, but it is also difficult because it is easy to get lost in the many ads….

Below you can find out what you should pay attention to if you are thinking about booking a photo booth. Whether it’s a wedding, a company event or any other event, you should know these things. Read, consider and decide at your own discretion!

How many printed images will you receive?

If you rent a selfie camera, make sure that everyone has at least one photo that they can take home. Only choose a machine that prints the completed image immediately. Also take into account that a guest of yours will probably stand in front of the camera several times, in different companies.

“Wedding? Event? Large-scale event? Birthday party? No matter what, the Sefie Tükör equipment is perfect! It really lifts the mood, not to mention that it’s extremely edgy, trendy and cool! The guests gather around the selfie machine and melt away very quickly , so a more party-like and relaxed atmosphere quickly develops. Very good pictures are created not only by the camera, but also by me. The value of the moment is priceless. And these humorous pictures perfectly support this!” – Dora Szénás, wedding photographer

Unfortunately, most providers offering selfie machines have limited photo opportunities (or they are not listed on the website). It is also worth considering what functions the selfie camera has. If you want more copies or if you want to save the pictures on your computer / phone, then the digital version can usually be sent to several e-mail addresses. It is worth asking whether the individual photos are also sent or only the collage versions, and also how much time you have to download the completed photos received online.

Advantages of selectable collage designs:Frames give pictures a more uniform look. We can also create graphics adapted to your unique idea and personality, even based on your existing wedding invitation. Just choose the sample from our galleryor send your invitation to our e-mail address and we will create the unique design behind the printed photos based on it..

Will there be help with the selfie camera?

Selfie machines are generally pretty easy to use. (That is, if it is properly set beforehand 🙂 ) The automatic mode is also derived from the term selfie automatic. This means that your guests can take their own photos during the evening. However, this can also be a source of many dangers. All selfie machines are controlled by a computer, so they are 99% automatic.matic. What if they fell into that 1% where Windows freezes to blue death (or the printer gets wrinkled/runs out of paper).. Totally in the heat of the party, in a party state, without help, chaos can quickly develop around the machine and the chance of possible damage can be much higher…
Even if it is an automatic machine, make sure that there will be someone there to operate the machine and help your guests (especially the elderly) with any questions or requests that may arise. Our rental Selfie Mirror often requires 2 people. In most cases, a party of 100 or more guests must be coordinated around the plane. In such cases, the presence of 2 personnel is important not only for transporting and setting up the nearly 100-kilogram and almost human-sized mirror machine, but also for safe, complete construction and professional operation. Maintaining continuous interest, arranging the masks (for immediate disinfection if necessary), inviting and helping around the selfie mirror, are all very important tasks at this time. We never leave the Selfie Mirror alone & unattended!

The technicians are responsible for making sure that the machine works properly so that everyone can take a perfect photo of themselves, even in changing light conditions. This guarantees that everyone will remember their fun, even in the wee hours of the morning. If you have a guestbook where the completed collages fit perfectly, our colleagues will even help the guests manage/stick the guestbook. They make sure that you get the most comprehensive guestbook possible. If you would like the technicians to help with this as well, please let us know in advance!

How big is the selfie machine?

he size of the venue can affect the type/size of the photo booth, so it is worth thinking about its placement in advance. We recommend that you agree with the chosen location where they are used to / where they prefer to place the machine. This way you can easily find out how much space is available. (The height is not usually a problem, the width and placement are more important.)

The good news is that there are many different types of selfie cameras out there. The good news is that there are many different types of selfie cameras out there. (This also depends on the accessories, e.g.: in our case, the gilded cordon pillars and the red carpet require more space, but in return it looks really good 🙂 )

PROFISM: Behind our Selfie Mirror is the help of a professional photographer, Dóra Szénás, a wedding and lifestyle photographer, who helps with the creation of perfect photos with her expertise. He is a master of wonderful photos, so he also helps in setting the technical parameters. Wedding photographer’s work by clicking HERE you can see it!

How does he look like?

The view does matter! Especially in today’s world! When you spend millions on an event, it really doesn’t matter whether a selfie machine reminiscent of a traffic pax or a sophisticated, cool-looking Selfie Mirror is displayed in the beautifully decorated space. The mere sight of the Exclusive Selfie Mirror attracts unsuspecting people ahead of time… 🙂 It also fits perfectly into the environment, because you can even ask us for a full-sized mirror illuminated in the same color as the decoration!

How long it takes?

The only disadvantage of the selfie machine is that it can only be rented for a fixed interval. It is worth considering the needs in advance, where/how/when the guests will use them. If 50-100 guests are invited to a wedding, then approx. 3-4 hours is enough. If these numbers double, the number of hours should also be increased. The selfie mirror is an indispensable accessory of today’s modern age and is no longer a luxury! Our prices are public, but the rental fee for a Selfie Mirror (including staff) is approximately HUF 50,000 per hour.

DON’T TRUST ANYONE ELSE: The wedding, the big day, the magnificent event are only and exclusively Your days! Everything was organized the way you wanted it! OF! If the Selfie Mirror takes place at this extraordinary event, not only you, but also your guests are guaranteed to have fun! So… DON’T TRUST the good mood to anyone else! 😉

INSTAX camera

We consider it important to talk about “do-it-yourself” solutions as well. This is for couples who have a lot of free time and want to do everything alone.
You will need a camera with an instant printing function (e.g. Instax). The price of such Polaroid machines starts at HUF 40,000, but their quality is highly debatable. Paper is the real business, these small frames are valued in gold. (It’s not the machine that’s expensive, but the photo paper in it). And believe me, if someone from the wedding party gets hold of the machine, they won’t skimp on it. A photo with everyone and the heavy tens of thousands are already running out of your pocket… And their quality… Rubbish! Dark, murky, unbalanced… Many people defend themselves by saying that such machines can be used at least later, after the event, but honestly! If you haven’t needed it before, you won’t need it now either… It will be perfect as a maximum dust collector on the shelf! 😉

Let’s take a look at the extra costs to be reckoned with after purchasing the Instax machine and the millions of Polaroid photo frames:
You will also need an imaginative background and suitable lighting. Simple on-site lighting will not be enough, so you need to get some more serious, professional photography lighting. If you have this, then you only need to take care of the accessories. About hats, mustaches, glasses and signs with funny inscriptions.

You certainly don’t need to convince anyone that this is a lot of work, which you can later throw in the trash after the wedding/event/party. The total cost can be roughly HUF 100,000 and of course the quality problem still exists.


Selfie machines are the uncrowned kings (or queens? 🙂 ) of weddings. Even wedding planners and experienced masters of ceremonies recommend the use of these machines with great affection. The Selfie Mirror is actually an additional photography service that can be rented for a pre-booked appointment and we undertake the entire implementation.. You don’t need to look for a camera, you don’t need to pay attention to the lighting, and you don’t need to buy extra accessories.

In addition to the premium selfie camera, we add quality photos, which include immediate photo printing using a four-power industrial printer. The operation of the machine in reality looks like that while half the company is having fun on the dance floor, friends and family members can also have fun. They stand next to the photo corner and choose the accessories they like best. They can find gigantic glasses, colorful hats, artificial hair, and they can choose a sign with a funny inscription. They stand in front of the camera/mirror, cut different humorous poses & heads, while the camera clicks non-stop, and then they get a super montage, which they can take home afterwards or stick in the photo book right away (or both at the same time 🙂 ).

Already? Have we screwed up yet? Would you like a Selife?

All you have to do is contact us at one of our contacts! Up for a selfie

If you need advice about our Exclusive Selfie Light, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help based on our existing experience. The consultation is free of charge and does not involve any obligation. If If you want to rent the selfie mirror together with a professional wedding photographer, click here!

Give the gift of a unique experience for your guests with our exclusive looking selfie mirror.
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Pictures: Dóri Szénás / DóraFilm

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Selfie Gép Tükör

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