Need a background for your selfie mirror?

“Our short answer is: NO”

Our selfie mirror should not be covered with the background. If the machine is placed in the field of view and the background is placed along the perimeter of the building, along the wall, it may be a solution to the “covering” problem, but the result will not be perfect, because then we will see the back of the machine.

We don’t think it looks that aesthetically pleasing. It will be “just a black box” just like ordinary selfie boxes. So what is the solution? Do you or don’t you need a background for the selfie mirror?

The essence of the exclusive selfie mirror is that it attracts guests with its appearance alone. The automatic, preset moving animation, the unique design, the color scheme adapted to the decoration, the red carpet and the gilded cordon posts attract attention! 😉

“At my wedding, I only wanted to see things, accessories and objects that were pleasing to my eyes. I could describe my idea with the words attractive and good-looking, cool and clean. The Selfie Mirror fit perfectly into this milieu! We thought with Gábor that it would be a great success, but by no means that there was a time when it was at the expense of the party! Our guests enjoyed posing, using different masks and the experience itself so much that they immediately got their photos in their hands, and there was a moment when the dance floor was empty! The machine has amazing power, a fantastic mood enhancer!!! I recommend it to everyone, no matter how big the wedding party is, it will definitely be a great program for young and old alike! One suggestion: Don’t put it in a separate place! Put it near the dance floor 🙂 ” Dorina Kiss-Csákvári

If we use a background, how does this change?

In the case of a background, the background changes places with the machine, since the large surface should be placed along the wall. It follows from this that the plane also turns around, with its back to the guests. In such cases, we cannot enforce the cordon as much, since the approach to the machine is restricted from two sides and with the two cordons we would close the space from all four sides. In such cases, we place the background as far away from the machine as possible and open the cordons in a wider arc, so that only minimal compromises have to be made.

By the way, we have some pretty cool stretched backgrounds. If required, you can choose from several of our backgrounds (even for thematic ones):

Advantages of backgrounds: They give the pictures to be created a more unified look and can cover up inappropriate scenery, wall pictures, etc. (An excellent counterexample would be if, for example, the inscription of a washroom toilet was included in the background, then the use of the background is definitely recommended) However, its size must be taken into account, because such a background takes up a lot of space. It is 2.5 meters high and 2.5 meters wide space is needed so that the photos, the people and the background are in harmony!

Make up your own mind and choose as you see fit!

ATTENTION: By default, we always prepare according to the first setting, “Plan A”.

Selfie Mirror rental – It’s Time 2 Selfie!

If you need advice about our Exclusive Selfie machine, feel free to contact us at one of our contacts! We are happy to help based on our existing experience.. The consultation is free of charge and does not involve any obligation. Up for a selfie, take a selfie with them today! If If you want to order the selfie mirror together with a professional wedding photographer, click here and ask Dóri for a quote!

Give the gift of a unique experience for your guests with our exclusive looking selfie mirror.
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Pictures: Dóri Szénás / DóraFilm

Selfie Gép Tükör

Selfie Gép Tükör

Egy exclusive selfie tükör vagyok. Hivatásom az Örömteli szórakozás & korlátlan fotónyomtatás!

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