We bring our own table

You don’t have to worry, we’ll take care of everything

Which we pack well 🙂

We can even light it from below with your decor colors

Wedding? An event? Only the selfie machine! It really lifts the mood, not to mention that it is extremely edgy, trendy and cool! Gathering around the selfie machine, the guests relax very quickly, so a more party-like and relaxed atmosphere quickly develops. Very good pictures are created not only by the machine, but also by me. The value of the moment is priceless. The value of the moment is priceless.

Dora Sénás
Wedding photographer

I ordered the machine for a birthday party. For me, it was important that all objects, accessories and accessories at my wedding match our imagined decoration.. This mirror looks good on its own, but the fact that it came with unique decor lighting, gold cords and of course a red carpet really put the finishing touches on it. We and our guests had fun! I strongly recommend it to everyone!

Szilvia from Tótfalus

An unforgettable day

Funny accessory

Unlimited image creation