How are we different from other average selfie machines?

Why WE? What distinguishes us from traditional photo corners? First of all, because in a word: USE IT! 🙂 (see in the gallery the Why MI? pictures) You can say that this is the point, but I will explain in more detail: Why? People have seen the traditional selfie machine many times, it is already […]

9+1 things why you should rent a selfie camera

Are you organizing a wedding, birthday party or company party? If you want a perfect party, there are many things that should be put in order so that your guests really feel good and will remember it for a long time! One of the great accessories of almost any party is the selfie camera. What […]

What should you pay attention to when booking a photo booth?

The protagonists of the wedding are always the two people who say yes, but the guests should not be forgotten either. Are you looking for a perfect gift to surprise them with? If you want to be sure, we take care of capturing funny and unforgettable moments with our Exclusive Selfie Mirror. So, the selfie […]

Need a background for your selfie mirror?

“Our short answer is: NO” Our selfie mirror should not be covered with the background. If the machine is placed in the field of view and the background is placed along the perimeter of the building, along the wall, it may be a solution to the “covering” problem, but the result will not be perfect, […]

How to smile for the perfect photo?

We thought we’d give you some tips so you can always pose with a perfect smile. It’s unbelievable, but almost everyone looks back at their pictures with excitement. Do I look good in it? Are you one of those people who stay away from all kinds of cameras at parties/family gatherings? Don’t worry, we have […]