How to smile for the perfect photo?

We thought we’d give you some tips so you can always pose with a perfect smile. It’s unbelievable, but almost everyone looks back at their pictures with excitement. Do I look good in it? Are you one of those people who stay away from all kinds of cameras at parties/family gatherings? Don’t worry, we have gathered a lot of experience over the years, which we think would be useful to summarize here.

Looking good in photos is not just about being beautiful. It’s more about being able to show your best self and letting your radiance “come through” in the picture.

Unless you’re blessed with photogenic genes, we’ve got you covered! Below we have collected a few useful tips / photography advice so that you can stand in front of the (selfie) mirror more confidently after learning the various techniques:

Take care of your posture!

It is also true in everyday life that you are more confident with the right posture.. That way, if you pay attention to it during the photo shoot, you will definitely look much better! 🙂 Breathe calmly and lower your shoulders. Your back should be straight, pull your stomach in a little, lift your chest.

“The more you look like someone who feels comfortable, the better the finished image will be. Make sure to smile with relaxed lips, even with your mouth closed. If you do smile with your mouth open, let your lower lip go so that the center does not thin out disproportionately in the midst of smiling. Try it in front of a mirror! People who usually take bad photos are more nervous in front of the camera. Therefore, the best thing you can do in such a case is to take a deep breath and blow it out naturally. In the meantime, let go of your arms and shoulders and smile or assume the pose you want. Don’t hold your breath, don’t hold your breath, because you’ll look tense or like you’re drowning. Are you just waiting and waiting and they still don’t click? Don’t panic, but try to hold the pose. Rather, continue what you were doing, of course, as if there were no cameras around. It might not be the most perfect picture, but it’s definitely better than being caught trying to change your facial expression. Be relaxed, but you don’t have to spread out and throw your limbs around :)” Dora Szénás, wedding photographer


Most of us notice that nervous “patients” tense up, puff out their chests or stretch their necks during the photo shoot. In the finished images, this often looks awkward and unnatural. Relax! (take a deep breath if you need to) and let your natural smile come out. Imagine that a friend or someone you really love is behind the camera.

THINK OF SOMETHING NICE: Think of something fun that makes you happy or laugh, so your smile will be much more natural. If you don’t like your smile or your teeth, you can smile more restrained, but however you smile, it should be sincere and calm.
May your eyes smile too! You can do this by imagining that the camera is someone you really like. This way your eyes will be more open and the clarity will be more beautiful. Naturally, everyone does this, but you have to practice to be able to do it at any time. Many people pose well because they like the camera. Imagine that someone you love is standing on the other side of the camera. Trust me, it works!

Find your best profile!

Use the angles! Everyone has a favorite face. Let’s face it, very few people have perfectly symmetrical faces. When standing in front of the camera, tilt your head slightly to the desired side. However, be careful not to look at the side of the camera!

“Determine from which angle you look best. Use your mobile phone and take a picture of yourself, you will soon find out what camera position you look best at. A classic way to pose is to show ¾ of your body to the camera. One of your legs is in front of the other, and one shoulder is closer to the camera than the other. This is especially difficult for men, who typically stand at right angles to the camera. If you turn your head slightly while looking straight ahead, no matter what angle they’re looking at the photo, it will appear as if you are looking directly into the viewer’s eyes (this is the secret of ‘eye-following’ paintings, by the way, when the figure in the painting appears to be looking at us). Look slightly above the camera, so your eyes will appear more open.” – Dora Szénás, wedding photographer


The more you look like you’re comfortable, the better the image will be. A lot of pictures go wrong because we end up with an idiotic “say shhh” smile. Make sure that you smile with relaxed lips, either with your mouth closed or, if you smile with your mouth open, let your lower lip go so that the center does not thin out disproportionately in the midst of smiling.

Get rid of the case!

Raise your head slightly and turn it slightly to the side so that the camera is slightly above you or at eye level. It also helps if you put one hand under your chin as if you are resting on it, but don’t actually hold it. If possible, the side of the thumb should not be visible to the hand. Also, press your tongue against the roof of your mouth. The pictures must be natural! Don’t worry about anything, they love you just the way you are! If you’re really stressed, squint your eyes a little. Be careful, because no one wants to look like a rabbit on the side of the road with a spotlight!

ATTENTION: Behind our Selfie Mirror is the help of a professional photographer, Dóra Szénás, a wedding and lifestyle photographer, who helps with the creation of perfect photos with her expertise. He is a master of wonderful photos, so he also helps in setting the technical parameters. Wedding photographer’s work by clicking HERE you can see it!

Stop sulking

Let them love you! We shower! Pout makes you look like a duck.

Do not take it too far!

When taking photos, it is usually a mistake to hold a smile for too long, which will make the muscles stiff, so we will look quite strange. A huge, forced grin often looks unnatural and doesn’t do the image any good. That’s why try to time your smile. If you feel good at night and laugh naturally, then by all means don’t stop. Pose with a big smile.

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Pictures: Dóri Szénás / DóraFilm

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