How are we different from other average selfie machines?

Why WE? What distinguishes us from traditional photo corners?

First of all, because in a word: USE IT! 🙂 (see in the gallery the Why MI? pictures) You can say that this is the point, but I will explain in more detail: Why? People have seen the traditional selfie machine many times, it is already ordinary for them. However, it is a Mirror. This is a trendy new alternative to the traditional selfie camera, which offers many advantages. You see yourself back in full form, yet it takes up little space. It’s super stylish and so much fun that it’ll be the talk of the town for weeks after the party.

At one of the events, the event organizer asked me why the girls were crowding in front of the selfie mirror, even though the start time for the “time 2 selfie” would have arrived only in 1 hour. The machine was turned off. (in this case, a spectacular countdown animation runs on it) so I didn’t understand why either. When we got closer, we both confirmed that only the usual posing, selfies, make-up and clothes adjustments were done using the mirror 😀 Now we know that if it breaks, it will still be good for something…. 😉
Ferenc Csollak – ceo

The selfie mirror takes an unlimited number of high-resolution photos and boomerang gifs with the built-in professional DSLR camera. We provide your guests with instant, premium quality printing. We can provide all the pictures with a unique design (e.g.: with your name and date at the bottom) The entire mirror is touch-controlled, so it is very easy to use. Huge display? Colorful animations? Touch control? Built-in camera? Doesn’t this sound familiar? It must be hiding in your pocket! Your cell phone… Perhaps it can best be compared to that! “A huge mobile!” Everyone will love this! 🙂
(and can handle it routinely and easily – based on existing experience)

The selfie mirror is perfect for parties or events. Including weddings, proms, baby showers, weddings, birthdays, graduation parties, charity events, fundraisers, product launches, Christmas parties, promotional events, etc… ASK FOR OUR OFFER!

Extra, magical entertainment for every event

Magic symbolizes the fun factor. We make sure that this is an experience for all ages: We offer a wide range of special hats, masks, masks, hats, glasses, party supplies and wigs. Your guests can dress themselves/each other while taking photos. The magic mirror can also easily accommodate group photos. What’s more, they can print an unlimited number of pictures of themselves, no matter how crazy they are caught 🙂

The magic mirror doesn’t take up much space, so you don’t need to squeeze extra room into it. There are no hidden costs, so you won’t have any extra costs. We provide everything you will need for a good mood. Including operating staff (personal assistance), unlimited photos, uninterrupted availability for several hours, technical equipment and your own table for accessories and masks. (A little space is enough and we build everything in approx. in 30 minutes)

Honestly! Which selfie machine would you choose for your event?

Whether it’s exhibitions, presentations, weddings, birthday parties, charity events or product presentations, it doesn’t matter what service you use to add color to your event.
They say that a machine… sorry, a picture is worth a thousand words. I wonder which photo machine is the most likable, beautiful, attractive and user-friendly for you?

The photo booth brings a new touch of color to the most defining event of your life, parties and corporate events + guests can party with a heart-warming memory, endless fun and cool accessories / selfies.

YOU decide and choose a selfie machine as you see fit!

But what exactly do we take care of?

  • 3-4 hours of selfie camera rental (depending on the selected package)
  • Unlimited industrial photo printing
  • Selfie & party props (masks, masks, hats, wigs, glasses)
  • Name, date, text, unique graphics on photos
  • Guests can record Boomerang GIFs
  • We also send all captured digital images and boomerang GIFs online
  • LED table illuminated with decor color
  • photo background if required
  • 1-2 people helping (assistance to guests, arranging masks, delivery)

And if you want something really unique, ask for our 4-hour Hollywood-style package, in which we install the machine together with a VIP red carpet, ropes and gold-plated cordon poles.

How It Works? It is extremely easy to use. Your guests touch the start button, the touchscreen mirror takes 3 photos with a countdown. It displays each one before creating the next one. As soon as all 3 images are ready, you can print them immediately by pressing the print icon.

Can be adjusted to individual needs

It is easy to see how easily a stand with a magic mirror can increase the atmosphere at any event, but it can also strengthen your individuality / brand. We can take advantage of those “certain magic mirror functions” For example, we can display unique videos / animations, which we can use to raise the image and more and more people will talk about it.

We can even transfer the graphics of your invitation and this will be visible not only on the printed images, but also on the entire surface of the mirror. Send us your logo/graphics by e-mail so that your target audience can see something they have never seen before.

Are you interested in an unforgettable party?

The magic mirror became fashionable not only at weddings and parties, but also at company events. And what makes it special is its interactive function, which provides a personalized and memorable experience for every generation.

Whether it’s a wedding or birthday party, a company event or any other occasion when you want to create a good atmosphere. We already know the solution, rent a magic mirror to make the event really special, modern and successful.

So, if you’re looking for a really creative way to entertain, get in touch with us today. The camera is a great accessory for any gathering, event or wedding. With its VIP red carpet and gilded cordons, it is guaranteed to be the highlight of the evening. It is guaranteed to be a unique and personal surprise. The completed pictures can often be viewed immediately on social media (Facebook, Instagram) What exactly does this look like? See also the following menu: Photo gallery, where you will find the picture taken by the selfie camera. Are you also interested in funny accessories and masks? Cat here!

Selfie Mirror rental – The time has come! – It’s Time 2 Selfie!

If you need advice about our Exclusive Selfie machine, feel free to contact us at one of our contacts! We are happy to help based on our existing experience.. The consultation is free of charge and does not involve any obligation. Up for a selfie, take a selfie with them today! If If you want to order the selfie mirror together with a professional wedding photographer, click here and ask Dóri for a quote!

Give the gift of a unique experience for your guests with our exclusive looking selfie mirror.
Selfie Mirror /Instead of a selfie machine/ Selfie machine / Selfie machine / Selfie machine/ Photo machine

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Pictures: Dóri Szénás / DóraFilm

Picture of Selfie Gép Tükör

Selfie Gép Tükör

Egy exclusive selfie tükör vagyok. Hivatásom az Örömteli szórakozás & korlátlan fotónyomtatás!

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