9+1 things why you should rent a selfie camera

Are you organizing a wedding, birthday party or company party? If you want a perfect party, there are many things that should be put in order so that your guests really feel good and will remember it for a long time!

One of the great accessories of almost any party is the selfie camera. What is it about? Why should you rent a selfie camera?


First of all, selfie machines are a lot of fun at parties. From children to adults, it can be a super fun accessory and you can have fun taking photos with funny accessories. Surrounded by friends and family with lots of laughter and fun. It’s the basis of every party, right?


We all like to have memories of our events. That’s why we have (not a camera) on our cell phones. If we don’t have a professional photographer and a professional script, then certain people can be completely left out of the pictures (e.g. people who are not so active, older people are always taken much less pictures). That will never happen with a selfie camera. We ensure that everyone can comfortably take their group photos at their own pace without leaving anyone out.
Another great thing about the photo booth is that they are great for capturing an unlimited number of moments. You are probably organizing an event that you want to look back on. With this, you are guaranteed to get a lot of photos (if you have a separate photographer, even more 😉 )

“I ALREADY HAVE A WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER” If you’ve ever seen a wedding, you know for sure that the one always running around is the photographer whose job it is to capture the moments. For this, however, you have to be there always, everywhere. This specialist cannot rest for even a minute, he has to notice emotions that fade into oblivion in a fraction of a second and remain only in the photograph for posterity. However, it is important to know that the photographer is mainly targeting the bride and groom, experiencing their moments together with them, which is completely understandable, but the solution is the automatic photo camera.


If you’ve already taken great photos, why not let your guests keep them? Thanks to the unlimited printing of our selfie machine, you can take pictures for all your guests in excellent image quality. They can take this with them and keep it as a treasure for a long time.
(You will also receive a high-resolution version of all completed images by email (in digital format), which you can forward as you wish, but they are also ready to be uploaded to social media)

“Wedding? An event? A large-scale event? Birthday party? No matter what, the Sefie Mirror is the perfect device! It really lifts the mood, not to mention that it is extremely edgy, trendy and cool! The guests a selfie camera gathered around them, they dissolve very quickly, so a more party-like and relaxed atmosphere quickly develops. Very good pictures are created not only by the machine, but also by me. The value of the moment is priceless. And these humorous pictures perfectly support this!” — Dora Szénás, wedding photographer


There is no fairy tale, we have to say that events are expensive. Weddings, birthday parties, corporate events and virtually any other type of party cost quite a bit of money. The venue, catering, decoration, performers, DJs, bands and more are hugely expensive. Sure, you need great food and good friends, but above all, you need a huge party to make sure everyone has a good time. I’m sure you’ll pay more for the band or DJ you want. Even if we spend the rest of the budget on decoration and hospitality, we’ve put everything into just one horse. If we simply entrust the entertainment of the guests to a DJ or food, we will be very disappointed. No parallel events, no plan “B”. A band, a DJ, a show, but what about someone who doesn’t like to dance? Or are you just not in the mood to feel like Fred Astaire yet?

n addition to eating and dancing, the guests of the event want a kind of interaction with each other –Think ahead and give your event two chances at the same time!

Yes, the photo booth will cost money, but much less than other forms of entertainment. The selfie mirror is a very simple and great invention. It can be easily transported and installed to almost any location (even open space). Because of this, it’s very reasonably priced, so it’s a win-win situation.


Ideally, there is a relaxed “everything is great and a real party atmosphere”. This was easy to describe, but what is the reality? (next point…)

DON’T TRUST ANYONE ELSE: The wedding, the big day, the magnificent event are only and exclusively Your days! Everything was organized the way you wanted it! BUT! If the Selfie Mirror takes place at this extraordinary event, not only you, but also your guests are guaranteed to have fun! So.. DON’T TRUST the good mood to anyone else! 😉


In today’s fast-paced world, people often claim that the “lack of community” is what makes living in our world so difficult. Humanity and even family members are connected through social media. They can sometimes feel lonely and excluded from their community, as we don’t see each other as family and friends as often as we used to. A selfie camera it gives people a chance to communicate with each other in a unique and fun way. Guests can socialize and take pictures in groups, so they can get to know each other better. This will push them out of their usual comfort zone.l. The “childish self” emerges again, inhibitions dissolve and good old-fashioned social fun emerges.

Let the selfie mirror bring it all back at your next event!


The pictures of the exclusive selfie mirror speak for themselves. We can also adapt the lighting to the color scheme of the event decoration. It attracts the eyes, the technology, the positioned mirror lures people there. Red carpet and gilded cords? They haven’t seen anything like this before…
Traditional selfie machines are often big and ugly (they look more like a trafipax or an ugly big box) The selfie mirror, on the other hand, is significantly more compact. Thanks to current technology, everything is built in (camera, large TV, touch screen, flashes and of course the mirror itself)

EVEN IN A SMALL PLACE: Location and location are often a problem when planning corporate events. In such cases, the selfie mirror is extremely useful, as it is mobile and can be installed almost anywhere. Just have a power source nearby 🙂


No two events are exactly alike. Some events are large, while others are more intimate, but it doesn’t matter. The selfie machine can be easily set up practically anywhere and provides a great experience at parties/events of any size.


Despite how compact the selfie mirror is compared to a traditional selfie machine, it can still be fully customized according to your desired branding. Whether it’s a company logo or an invitation graphic, we can integrate one into the other on the huge display (mirror). If the guests use the machine and feel good, this is positive feedback for the organizers. And this is free marketing (especially if it is shared on social media). With our unique templates, we can completely customize the appearance of the printed and even the mirror. You can discuss the details with us, please contact us with your unique ideas!

The only addition you might need is an exciting background, but the team at time2selfie has that for you. You can even create unique graphics, logos, animations, backgrounds, photo frames or collages for our machine.


You can completely customize our machine with the unique logo of your business / event to further strengthen its market status. This is a great opportunity to advertise your brand that no business can miss in today’s world. Practical, cost-effective and easy to set up.

“Many businesses have benefited from the free advertising space and marketing provided by the selfie mirror. Participants who upload selfies to their favorite social media accounts guarantee “free” advertising. It’s not only free, but with tags and comments, a self-stimulating process starts, which is real it means timely marketing for your company.” – András Hunor, DA Marketing

Selfie machine – To create the perfect party!

Whether it’s a birthday, a wedding or an exclusive event. We face the challenges! Would you like a Selife? You don’t have to do anything else, contact us at one of our contacts! It’s time! It’s time 2 selfie– Up for a selfie!

If you need advice about our Exclusive Selfie Light, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help based on our existing experience. The consultation is free of charge and does not involve any obligation. If If you want to rent the selfie mirror together with a professional wedding photographer, click here!

Give the gift of a unique experience for your guests with our exclusive looking selfie mirror.
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Pictures: Dóri Szénás / DóraFilm

Selfie Gép Tükör

Selfie Gép Tükör

Egy exclusive selfie tükör vagyok. Hivatásom az Örömteli szórakozás & korlátlan fotónyomtatás!

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